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About us


The Bognor Regis Regeneration Board was established in 2007 to act as an independent advisory body, bringing together leading representatives from the key public, private and community stakeholders in Bognor Regis. The Board recognises that a collective and cohesive approach can generate and secure the economic benefits sought by those who live and work in the Town.

Public and private partnership

The public and private partnership has created an extremely strong foundation on which significant investment and growth has already been initiated demonstrating how the Town's stakeholders have been prepared to use their own resources and skills to progress their vision. This has generated predominantly private sector investment worth several hundred million pounds, without the traditional reliance on external and public funding support.


There has been important investment in the leisure sector with Bourne Leisure building three new hotels in their Butlins holiday complex . In education, the University of Chichester have based their  School of Enterprise Management and Leadership on their Bognor Regis campus which will be joined in 2017/18 with a  further £30 million investment in a new Engineering and Digital Technology Park. In the  Retail, sector  a new Sainsbury's has been developed on a derelict brown field site, bringing over 300 new full and part time jobs. On the opposite side of the A29   Next and Simply M&S Food have opened on the Arun Retail Park. In the manufacturing sector Rolls-Royce Motor Cars are now operating in their recently constructed 400,000 sq.ft Technology & Logistics Centre at Oldlands Farm, an integral  part of  the Enterprise Bognor Regis cluster of employment sites. 


The Board has three key objectives:

  • To collectively promote Bognor Regis as a great place to live, work, visit and invest

  • To consider, give opinion and comment upon how to what extent planned and proposed developments contribute to:

    • the town's growth and development

    • addressing and overcoming the town's socio-economic challenges; and,

    • maximising benefits and opportunities for the town.

  • To consider and evaluate strategies which impact upon the economic growth of Bognor Regis and offer comment, opinion and where appropriate modifications.


There are currently two major development initiatives:


1. Enterprise Bognor Regis

The Board and its constituent partners have agreed that it should be the co-ordinating body for the progression and delivery of the agreed Enterprise Bognor Regis programme. This seeks to deliver about 4,800 jobs and 140,000 square metres of employment space over four sites - Oldlands Farm, Salt Box, Rowan Park and the former Lec Airfield. Outline planning permission was granted in February 2014 for a 57 acre Business Park on Oldlands Farm and subsequently Rolls-Royce Motor Cars received planning permission in August 2014 for their £70m 400,000 sq.ft Technology and Logistics Centre.  This has been built to support their manufacturing facility eight miles away at Goodwood and was completed in January 2016. An  outline planning application was submitted by the Oldlands Farm developer in the summer 2015 for  a further 220,000 sq.ft of employment space. In addition a Local Development Order is expected to be in place  to simplify future planning applications on two of the other sites. Landlink Estates successfully applied for planning permission on their Salt Box development in December 2017. Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership  support the initiative submitting their Strategic Economic Plan to Central Government, which incorporates the Enterprise Bognor Regis proposals.

Please see Enterprise Bognor Regis Development Opportunities for further details


2. Town Centre Development

Arun District Council are committed to developing the town centre, focused on two sites:

  • The Regis Centre

  • Hothamton Car Park

 ADC undertook  a  public consultation in early 2015 on the core elements of the two individual schemes. They invited the public to suggest complementary and commercially viable alternatives or additions, for consideration by the Council, prior to any future planning applications. 

A report was presented at a council meeting in the autumn 2015 inviting Councillors to determine what the key constituent parts should be of any development schemes. A  final officer report was presented in July 2016 setting out the various procurement options to deliver the preferred form of development. 

In March 2017 the Bognor Regis Masterplan Options Report was agreed  at the full council meeting  accepting the The Gardens by the Sea / Winter Gardens concept for the Regis Centre and Hothamton sites .

In December 2017 ADC agreed to move forward with the initial plans for the Hothamton Car Park site with the development of  a new Leisure Park


A  new  ADC administration was elected in May 2019 and at  a full cabinet meeting on the 8th July it  was decided to :

To revisit the  future of the Hothamton car park site and develop three alternative proposals for the areas previously designated for the Pavillion Park, which focus on the Sunken gardens  and Hothamton play area only. These proposals will not include any residential  development and the health centre will not be  affected by any of the plans put  forward.

The original Core elements of the individual schemes as set out in Town Centre Development Opportunities



Board Membership is drawn from:


Local Government

  • Arun District Council  

Officer: Karl Roberts, Director of Place

  • West Sussex County Council

Cllr Bob Lanzer

  • Bognor Regis Town Council

Cllr: John Erskine

Officer: Sarah Norman, Deputy Clerk

  • Coastal West Sussex Partnership



  • Dicentra Developments



  • Butlins

  • Metamorph Management


  • Covers

  • Landlink Estates

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • Arun Business Partnership



  • University of Chichester  

Professor David Cooper



Board's Advisor

  • Rebecca White  

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