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Enterprise Bognor Regis Development Opportunities




Arun District Council’s Draft Local Plan (2013 – 2028) contains the emerging spatial strategy and strategic land use policy framework for the District up to 2028. The Council has determined that economic growth for job creation is its number one priority and therefore has identified in the Draft Plan a series of Strategic Land Allocations (Policy DM6) designed to serve and promote the economic growth of the Coastal West Sussex sub-region. Taken together the allocations are branded ‘Enterprise Bognor Regis’ (EBR) and comprise four contiguous areas:


  • Area A - Oldlands Farm*          (23.8 ha) 

  • Area B - Salt Box Field            (11.8 ha)

  • Area C - Rowan Park               (3.3 ha)

  • Area D - Former LEC Airfield    (30.5 ha)

          *This includes 16ha allocated for the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Technology & Logistics Centre

The  strategic importance of EBR for the sub-Region was underlinened by including it in C2C’s current Strategic Economic Plan. 

 The Council has approved a Local Development Order (LDO) for EBR Areas A, B and C to facilitate early development of EBR and accelerate economic growth. There are some outstanding highway issues which are hoped to be  resolved in  2018 before it can be submitted to the Minister of State and formally adopted.

The LDO will grant permitted development rights for new business-related development and allow owner-occupiers and developers to benefit from an accelerated and simplified planning process and a reduction in planning application fees.

It will establish a regime of permitted development already conditioned to secure an appropriate level of mitigation as required and a measure of quality assurance in relation to use, layout, design and materials. It will not prevent or restrict other development (i.e. development not permitted under the terms of the LDO) which will be dealt with in the usual way under the normal planning regime.

In September 2016 outline planning permission was granted to Hanbury Properties for 220k sq.ft of B2/B8 general industrial development on Oldlands Farm adjacent  to the 400k sq.ft Rolls Royce Motors Technology  & Logistics Centre 

In December 2017 Landlink Estates were granted planning consent for the development of the 11.8 ha Saltbox . It is located on the A29 opposite the Oldlands Farm development and is planned to generate 677 net FTE jobs from the 340,000 sq.ft of mixed development. An anchor tenant has been identified for a 35,000 sq.ft facility, employing 135 staff. It is estimated that the development will generate £20.7m gross Gross Value Added annually to the area over the next 10 years. 


Rolls-Royce Motors Technology Logistics Centre


Click here to download the full Enterprise Bognor Regis brochure.


Proposed Local Development Order


The LDO will cover EBR Areas A, B and C. Oldlands farm (Area A) received outline planning permission for a Business Park in February 2014 and subsequently Rolls-Royce Motor Cars received planning permission in August 2014 for a 400k sq. ft Technology and Logistics Centre which opened in January 2016.. Area B is used for arable farming. There are no known areas of contamination.

Area C is in use as a mobile caravan park featuring areas of hard standing and single storey ancillary buildings. There are no known areas of contamination.

The replacement flood plain maximises the development area in Area A and its use for this purpose is approved by the February 2014 Hanbury Planning Approval

Principal access to the LDO area will be via the A29.


LDO Permitted Development


The LDO will permit up to 57,000 square metres of development  within Use Classes B1 (office, research and development and light industry), B2 (general industry) and B8 (storage and distribution). An ancillary element of complementary uses will also be permitted, including small-scale retail use.

As this is a greenfield site, development is expected to come forward in several phases over a period of several years. It is proposed, therefore, that the order will be operational for 15years.

Bognor Regis Relief Road 


The Relief Road is an important infrastructure investment in the economic development of Bognor Regis. It  allows traffic to travel  between the A259 from Chichester to the A259 towards Littlehampton, by-passing North Bersted, whilst also providing a more direct link to the Enterprise Bognor Regis  employment sites.


The first 1.8km section was opened in December 2014 from the A259 Chichester Road to Rowan Way roundabout. This £8 million investment was funded by Berkeley Homes and Charles Church Homes as part of their 750 home Bersted Park development.


The second section was completed  in March 2016, connecting the A29 at the Oldlands Farm Business Park roundabout with the A259 north of Bognor Regis. The road consists of a bridge over  the main Bognor Regis to London railway and  a viaduct over the floodplain which is made of 16 equal spans, 30.3 metres in length. This £26 million, 3km length has been funded by Barratt Developments in conjunction with their 700 home development north of Felpham.


The Relief Road  is expected to take about 15,000 vehicles a day – the equivalent of four out of every ten vehicles using the previous network.







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