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Dear Sir/Madam

                                     Re: Enterprise Bognor Regis Draft Local Development Order Consultation


I am writing to you on behalf of the Bognor Regis Regeneration Board regarding your request for our EBR Draft LDO representation.  The Board was established in 2007 to act as an independent advisory body, bringing together leading representatives from the key public, private and community stakeholders in Bognor Regis. The Board recognises that a collective and cohesive approach can generate and secure the economic benefits sought by those who live and work in Bognor Regis.

The Board has three key objectives:

•           To collectively promote Bognor Regis as a great place to live, work, visit and invest

•           To consider, give opinion and comment upon how and to what extent planned and proposed developments contribute to:

  • the town's growth and development
  • addressing and overcoming the town's socio-economic challenges; and,
  • maximising benefits and opportunities for the town.

•           To consider and evaluate strategies which impact upon the economic growth of Bognor Regis and offer comment, opinion and where appropriate modifications.

Board membership is drawn from the major private and public organisations including the University of Chichester, West Sussex County Council, Arun District Council, Butlins and Sime Darby London Ltd.

The Board welcomes this final draft of the LDO which correlates with our objectives to stimulate growth, employment and investment by de-risking the planning process.  The Board responded to the previous consultation on the 22nd January 2015 which included the following recommendations:

1. The phasing of the three sites should be as flexible as possible so that new jobs can be created if opportunities arise earlier than planned.

2. To encourage landowners and stakeholders to bring forward the sites for development as quickly as possible.

 3. To maximize employment and the creation of higher skilled jobs there should be an emphasis on B1and B2 developments rather than class B8 for storage and distribution.

4. The LDO should be clear that locally based businesses can relocate to the LDO sites.

5. The LDO should encourage all stakeholders to commit to the Bognor Regis Developer and Partner Charter promoting local businesses and improved skill levels. This can be referenced at : http://goo.gl/TpPj4H



Bringing Forward and Phasing of the Three Sites

It is noted that the phasing has not changed from the previous draft. The phasing of the three

sites is stated to allow EBR to come forward in stages with the objective of balancing delivery of employment land with delivery of new housing over the plan period. However as economic growth is the overriding objective of the Local Plan the Board would promote that the LDO encourages landowners and stakeholders to bring forward all sites for development as quickly as possible. This would generate a competitive environment whilst providing businesses with alternative sites.


Maximise Employment and Creation of Higher Skilled jobs

The mix of B1/B2/B8 permitted uses has not changed from the previous draft. The recent Hanbury Properties planning application AL/58/15/OUT for 220,000 sq.ft of mixed employment space for Oldlands Farm was not specific about the final mix of B2/B8 use. The mix of B2/B8 premises affects both the number and the skill level of the jobs available.

Oldlands Farm is a key development towards this objective but there is a real risk it will develop into a ‘Warehouse Park’ than the original concept of an ‘Advanced Manufacturing Park’. It can be assumed that B8 usage generates just over half of the jobs of B2*. The Board’s representation on the Hanbury Properties application concluded that only B2 uses should be accepted and this principal should be applied to the other LDO sites with a greater focus on B1/B2 in both Zone W and Zone E safeguarding the skill level of the jobs within the LDO sites.

This is compatible with ADC’s draft Local Plan which is structured around strengthening the economic base, providing local job opportunities by increasing, diversifying and improving the quality of employment.


Locally Based Businesses can relocate to LDO sites

The LDO does not state whether there are any restrictions on the displacement of existing businesses within ADC to the three LDO sites. Historically there have been a limited number of sites available for growth orientated businesses to expand in Bognor Regis and this has resulted in lost employment. It would be useful to clarify in the LDO that existing locally based businesses are not excluded from the LDO sites.

Additional Points:


Lec Airfield Site


It is stated that the Lec Airfield site will be subject to a future LDO when a suitable road access to the site has been identified via the Bognor Regis Northern Relief Road link to the A259 Felpham Way. It is important that a funding strategy for the road is agreed quickly by ADC and stakeholders as it will unlock additional employment land (approx. 30ha) whilst also  providing improved access to the town centre,  Butlins and planned developments at the University of Chichester, Regis Centre and Hothamton Car Park. The importance of delivering the north-south link road in achieving the economic objectives of the Draft Local Plan has been recognised by the Local Plan Inspector and should be referenced in the LDO in the context of the future development of the Lec Airfield site.

Complimentary Uses


The LDO states that there is a 5% limit on Class A and Class D2 complimentary permitted uses in zone W and zone E. This should be actively enforced to ensure maximum job creation is generated within B1/B2 employment designated developments.

Yours faithfully


David Myers


Advisor to the Bognor Regis Regeneration Board




*Based upon 2010 Employment Densities Guide  - Home & Communities Group

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